Adventures @ the Back of the Pack

Segment 3: Little Scraggy

Little Scraggy TH (FS-550) to FS-560

Pics of Segment 3: From the Back of the Pack

A Few Comments:

For the first 8 or so miles Segment 3 is a fun rolling trail. You may see many day bikers and hikers. But probably not many hike-a-bikers. The trail winds in and out and around trees in a dense forest. You’ll enjoy the shade after the wide open and hot trails in Segment 2.

The climbing starts around mile 8 and continues for 4+ miles. I’m sure the day bikers cruise right up the hills. Us hike-a-bikers do more hiking than biking.

Not much else to say about this segment. Enjoy the nice trail and the shade. If you’re biking and intend to divert to Bailey, you’ll need to exit the trail at FS-560. There is a bike detour that heads south from Segment 2. I haven’t been on that long ride. Maybe next year, maybe not.

A Random Comment… or 2: Segment 2 is not exactly easy, but it’ll lull you not a false sense of strength. Just wait. The major action starts on Segment 6 – the next segment after a long detour around the wilderness areas.

Water?There are a couple of water sources. The best AND only water that you can count on is near mile 8. It’s a fast flowing stream. A few small streams may exist in the 1st few miles, but nothing that you can count on in the late summer months.

Camping? There are nice camping spots at many locations – if you don’t need a water source for your cooking needs. The best spots are near the stream mentioned above.

Just the Details:

Date: Aug 26, 2011

Total Distance: 11.9 mi

Hike-a-Bike: 2.3 mi

Total Time / Moving Time: 2 hrs 40 min / 2 hrs 18 min

Ascent: 1919 ft

Descent: 1487 ft

some data… some files… no warranty

CT Segment 3: the gpx file

CT Segment 3: kml data

*the gpx file may download with a .xml extension attached, just rename the file to .gpx by removing the .xml from the filename


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