Adventures @ the Back of the Pack

The Bailey Bypass

Bike Bypass #1 – The Bailey Bypass: FS-560 to Kenosha Pass

Pics of The Bailey Bypass: From the Back of the Pass

A Few Comments:

The 1st bypass of the Colorado Trail starts at the intersection of Segment 3 and FS-560. It’s a nice dirt forest road that turns into pavement right before Bailey. There is one short sheep hill that super freaks can grind up and the rest of us may walk. Walking is only due to the fully loaded bikes – the hill really isn’t much of a challenge, but why burn the legs out 40 miles into the CT adventure?

After Bailey the bypass takes a forest road for ~ 5 miles. This is a nice calm ride right before the 20 miles FROM HELL. That’s right. The bypass merges onto Hwy 285. Good Luck!

A Random Comment… or 2: Hwy 285 is probably the scariest road ride you can do while bike packing. I gave myself a 50 / 50 chance of survival. Yeah, I will never look forward to the miles on 285. NUTS!

Water?Fuel up in Bailey. The gas station will satisfy all your hydration needs Hit up one of the restaurants for a good meal. You’ll be happy that you did.

Camping? No decent camping on this bypass. There are a few motels outside of Bailey. But you might as well grind up to Kenosha Pass.

Just the Details:

Date: Aug 26, 2011

Total Distance: 27.9 mi

Hike-a-Bike: 0.5 mi

Total Time / Moving Time / Stopped Time: 4 hrs 53 min / 3 hrs 30 min / 56 min

Ascent: 3475 ft

Descent: 1777 ft

some data… some files… no warranty

CT Bypass 1: the gpx file

CT Bypass 1: kml data

*the gpx file may download with a .xml extension attached, just rename the file to .gpx by removing the .xml from the filename


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