Adventures @ the Back of the Pack

Wilderness: Segment 10

Just some pics

Pics of Segment 10

Date:  July 7, 2012

Total Distance: 13.0 mi

Total Time: 6 hrs 12 min

Ascent: 2629 ft

Descent: 2529 ft

some data… some files… no warranty

CT Segment 10: the gpx file

CT Segment 10: kml data

*the gpx file may download with a .xml extension attached, just rename the file to .gpx by removing the .xml from the filename


CT Seg 10 ProfileCT Seg 10 GE N CT Seg 10 GE WCT-Seg10-map


One response

  1. Mike

    This is an amazing resource. It has been difficult trying to find gpx and map info for each segment and you have everything here. Thank you!

    June 25, 2015 at 8:18 am

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