Adventures @ the Back of the Pack

Segment 6: Kenosha Pass

Kenosha Pass to Gold Hill Trailhead

Pics of Segment 6: From the Back of the Pack

A Few Comments:

Segment 6 is not the hardest segment on the CT, but it is the longest segment ~ 33.0 miles. Maybe 32.0, as I made a wrong turn after Swan River.

The initial miles are rough, but you can put down a decent pace. The climb up Georgia Pass is OK, for geared fanatics. It was a nice hike for me. The descent from Georgia Pass is rough, to say it nicely. I walked a few steep and rocky sections.

The second major climb is exposed and therefore can be very hot in the summer afternoons. So make sure you have enough water.

A Random Comment… or 2: This is the 1st ‘mountain’ segment of the Colorado Trail. Learn to love the high altitude and the views. Likewise, be prepared for thunderstorms. This is the 1st segment you’ll cross through timberline and be fully exposed to the elements.

Also, because this Segment ends near Breckenridge and hooks up with many mountain bike trails, be prepared for congested trails. There can be many bikers out on the weekend. But the conversations are usually good, if you like talking.

Water?There are many water sources before the big climb up to Georgia pass. And you’ll cross a few streams after descending from the summit. But there is limited water after you cross Swan River.

Camping? There are many campsites along the trail. But the best campsites are NOT on the two large ascents. So, if you’re camping, you’ll find the best campsites at the lower altitudes of the segment.

Just the Details:

Date: Aug 27, 2011

Total Distance: 33.0 mi

Hike-a-Bike: 7.0 mi

Total Time / Moving Time / Stopped Time: 19 hrs 53 min / 6 hrs 54 min / 1 hr 39 min

Ascent: 5177 ft

Descent: 5920 ft

some data… some files… no warranty 

CT Segment 6: the gpx file

CT Segment 6: kml data

*the gpx file may download with a .xml extension attached, just rename the file to .gpx by removing the .xml from the filename


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