Adventures @ the Back of the Pack

Boots on the CT

The Colorado Trail segments in wilderness areas are a big unknown to me. Therefore one goal for 2012 is to hike all of these segments. It will happen and I will report – naturally.

Segments in Wilderness Areas:

Segment 4: FS-560 to Long Gulch, 16.6 miles & 3271 vertical.

Segment 5: Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass, 15.1 miles & 2109 vertical.

Segment 9: Tennessee Pass to Colorado TH13.6 miles & 2627 vertical.

Segment 10: Colorado TH to Halfmoon Creek Rd13.6 miles & 2690 vertical.

Segment 12: Clear Creak Rd to N. Cottonwood Creek18.5 miles & 4866 vertical.

Segment 13, partial: N. Cottonwood Creek to Cottonwood Pass Rd

~ 6.3 miles & 2460? vertical.

Segment 19: Saguache Park Rd to Eddiesville TH13.7 miles & 2239 vertical.

Segment 20: Eddiesville TH to San Luis Pass12.7 miles & 3104 vertical.

Segment 21: San Luis Pass to Spring Creek Pass14.8 miles & 3116 vertical.


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